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The Urban Cleanse

 The Urban Cleanse


We are very excited to have partnered with Adina Neimerow, renowned holistic chef and author of the celebrated book, Super Cleanse, to create Urban Cleanse. This 3-day intensive cleanse has been specially crafted by Chef Niemerow for Munchery to not be the stereotypical “juice fast” that leaves people hungry and uncertain of the real benefits. 95% raw, the Urban Cleanse includes a daily menu of juices, smoothies, soups, salads and teas that are all made from 100% organic local products.  That’s 8-9 items in all everyday, and the servings are not minuscule like other programs. Most of all, it is not just healing and nourishing – all of the food tastes delicious. Starting every Monday, each delivery over the 3-day period will include food for that evening and the following day.

 The Urban Cleanse

The benefits to the Urban Cleanse are numerous. As Chef Niemerow explains, “everything you consume will be unprocessed, and chock full of nutrition. Plant based fruits and vegetables contain water and fiber, which helps flush the intestines of waste and toxins that make us feel lethargic. They also have the perfect amount of natural enzymes to efficiently break down their own sugars, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibers into digestible particles and increase our metabolism.” We encourage people to do the Urban Cleanse if they are interested in achieving:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Increased Energy & Stamina
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Sleeping
  • Clearer, Healthier Looking Skin & Eyes
  • Elimination of Toxicities from the Gastrointestinal Track
  • Reduced Sugar Cravings
  • A Kick-Start to Breaking Bad Habits from Smoking, Drinking, Caffeine, Overeating, Eating Bad Processed Foods
  • Self-Confidence Boost

As detailed in her bio, Chef Niemerow has significant education and experience in holistic foods.  She has studied with whole foods healing expert, Paul Pitchford and has worked as personal holistic chef to important individuals including the late Steve Jobs. We are fortunate to have the high level of expertise and knowledge that Adina brings to Munchery and are certain our customers agree.



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We can’t resist GPS

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Today, we’re announcing an exciting new feature that will further enhance the Munchery delivery experience. A lot of our customers tell us they love the SMS they receive from their driver a few minutes prior to delivery. Now, we’re upping the ante by providing our customers the ability to use GPS tracking to find the location of their driver. Although GPS technology is widespread these days, it’s surprising how rare it is to find it used in the consumer delivery market (ever want to track your UPS driver when they’re out for a delivery?). GPS is just plain cool tech, and being techies, we just couldn’t resist. We just finished beta testing and are rolling it out today.

Here’s how it works:

1) Location tracking of your driver is only available on the day of your delivery and during your scheduled delivery window. Just go to your Account page, and you’ll see a button to track your driver’s location. The availability of location tracking is dependent on whether your particular driver is GPS-enabled and the current geography offers a clear GPS signal. Today, about 80% of our drivers are GPS-enabled and we’re working to get 100% coverage in the coming weeks.

tracking 01 We cant resist GPS

2) Here’s what the map looks like.  Your driver is the green car icon and the red waypoint is the delivery destination. Your driver’s location is updated periodically. Your driver has many other deliveries on his/her route, so the map is only meant to give you a sense of where your driver is.

tracking 02 We cant resist GPS

We hope you enjoy the new feature. In the next coming weeks, we’re going to be rolling out new improvements to our delivery logistics (some you will see, some will be behind the scenes). As always, send us feedback because we’re hungry for it.

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Organic Baby Food – A Flavor Update
photo 531 224x300 Organic Baby Food   A Flavor Update

The new Black Bean and Banana flavor is declared jar scrapping and finger licking good during a recent product test.

Munchery’s Organic Baby Food, announced just two-weeks ago, have been receiving a lot of positive responses. Bay Area babies are enjoying a taste bud sensation, and their parents could not be more pleased. Having a freshly made product that is crafted using only pure organic ingredients is a tremendous benefit to parents who want to feed their babies freshly made food from scratch but need a break from the peelers, steamers, blenders, etc…. and the associated mess involved with making baby food from scratch. Delivered daily in BPA-Free WECK jars that can be returned for credit and recycled, Organic Baby Food is a great addition to the Munchery menu.

As promised, the flavors will change with the season. In fact, Chef Linda Edson has just added some new flavors available that celebrate summer produce while adding the boost of strong proteins and heart healthy grains. These new flavors are part of the 3-pack combinations that are currently available to be ordered today. They include: Loch Duart Salmon, Quinoa and Blue Lake Beans, Banana and Black Beans, Butternut Squash and D’anjou Pear , and Ground Turkey, Farro and English Peas. As well, emerging household favorites Yellow Peach and Basil and Braised Carrots and Fennel are still available.


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Introducing Organic Baby Food

  Introducing Organic Baby Food


We are excited to announce the launch of Munchery Organic Baby Food, an extension of our mission to reinvent the personal chef. As parents ourselves, we know all about the adventures of feeding our young ones. Between three of us on the Munchery team, there are 5 children between the ages of 1 and 7. We’ve all dodged incoming spoonfuls of oatmeal, coaxed our little ones to “take one more bite,” and have cleaned countless bottles, Sippy cups, and bowls. Clearly, we know the challenges of feeding babies, and that is just the feeding part – preparing nutrient-rich baby food from scratch, using whole ingredients, is a chore all in itself.

DSC 09191 300x200 Introducing Organic Baby Food


To make all of this happen, Chef Linda Edson has joined our Chef team to help us develop the young palates of tomorrow with her handcrafted baby food. Chef Edson comes to Munchery with a very interesting background and significant experience cooking in notable institutions, including San Francisco’s Restaurant Gary Danko and Axis Café, where she is the Executive Chef. On top of having stellar skills in the kitchen, Linda is also a Mom who shares our desire to feed children food that is based on the purity of the ingredients. No additives, no preservatives.

 Introducing Organic Baby Food

Munchery Organic Baby Food is prepared in small batches with care. The unique flavors will change with the seasons, but the food will always be packed with nutrients galore, sugar/salt free, and will come to our customers freshly made. This is not only a wonderful option for our customers with children, but also a terrific gift that can be given to your parent friends and family members via Munchery Gift Certificates

gift of baby food Introducing Organic Baby Food

All of the meals come in reusable glass jars to ensure the purity and freshness of the ingredients. A $1 deposit is included in the price of each jar of food, but we have made it very easy to return the jars for a full refund of the deposit. This is not only ecological, but also cost-effective. For more information about the jar returning process, please visit our Baby Food FAQs.

Feeding a baby healthy solid food is a game in itself. It’s actually an adventure that requires patience, lots of love and an arsenal of high quality food. Going forward, Munchery will take care of the cooking and let our customers handle the feeding part (although we have some tips). We are pleased to be able to offer the Munchery experience to little ones and parents alike.

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Go for the Gold with Munchery

 Go for the Gold with MuncheryThe Olympics are well underway and you’ve probably plotted out ways to watch all of your favorite events either at home during primetime or perhaps even clandestinely on your work computer. We don’t judge that sort of thing. We love divers, wrestlers and gymnasts too! By all means watch away. But while you’re cheering on the best of the best we hope you’ll be dining on our gold medal fare.

To that end, we’ve decided that when Team USA wins, you’re going to win too!

Each morning, Monday – Friday, during the Olympic games we’ll post a collage of select events on our Facebook page. Each time Team USA takes home a gold medal in one of the events indicated on our post we’ll choose a random comment or like attached to the post to win a free meal (a $20 value). If we post images from 6 different event categories and Team USA wins 8 gold medals, then 8 of you will score delicious dinner credits. Note: Each Munchery customer can only win one meal per day.

olympics sample 145x300 Go for the Gold with Munchery

Pretty easy, right? Essentially all you need to do is make sure you like us on Facebook. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and double round-off backflips. You just have to sit back, root for Team USA and hopefully take home a delicious meal on us.

Olympic Rings1 Go for the Gold with Munchery

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Meet Chef Steven Levine

 Meet Chef Steven LevineChef Levine may hail from New York and root for the Yankees but 15 years ago he moved to San Francisco with his wife and two daughters and, like many, left his heart here. Steven has worked at a number of impressive establishments on both coasts including The River Cafe, Aureole, The Quilted Giraffe, Zoe Restaurant, Freestyle in Sonoma and most recently The Cosmopolitan in San Francisco. He’s definitely come a very long way from precocious childhood attempts to make his favorite breakfast while his family slept. The corn and eggs turned out a little on the crispy side and well…frankly inedible, but I’m sure he always remembers to add butter to his frying pans now.

Chef Levine describes his cooking style these days as Contemporary American Cuisine. To Steven this means combining the best local, seasonal ingredients; utilizing classic techniques while incorporating different ethnic influences that make culinary sense on the plate. We think his debut dish is a perfect example of this culinary mission statement. How pretty does this salmon look? We can’t wait to check out how cooking the fish in a corn husk effects the flavor. While we’re all anxiously awaiting Steven’s arrival in the kitchen today let’s get to know him, in his own words, a little bit better.

Which celebrity chef would you most like to cook with and what would you want to prepare?

Not a big fan of “celebrity chefs,” but I would love to cook with Anthony Bourdain. We grew up around the same time, same place, same attitude. I think we would cook a whole pig and proceed to only eat the crispy skin.

Your cousin from out-of-town has a long layover at SFO. He hops in a cab and texts you wanting to know the one thing he has to eat in the city before he rushes back to the airport. What do you tell him?

I would definitely recommend that my cuz should either go straight to the counter at Swan Depot or phone ahead to order the roasted chicken at Zuni.

Do you feel as though you have a signature dish? If so, what is it?

If I were to pick a “signature dish” I would probably pick my sautéed day-boat sea scallops on oxtail risotto with black trumpet mushrooms and truffle oil. I think I’ve said “Pick up scallops,” more than I’ve said “I love you” to my wife. Sad huh?

 Meet Chef Steven Levine

Invite five famous or infamous folks (they can be alive or dead) to your dinner party. Who are they and what will you serve them?

The 5 people I would invite for dinner would probably include John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Joe Strummer and Teddy Roosevelt. The dinner would consist of whatever Teddy shot that day!

Which of your cookbooks has the most pages covered in olive oil and flour i.e. which one can’t you live without?

My go to cookbooks are probably The Joy of Cooking and The Cake Bible. They both stand the test of time.

In your opinion, what are a few ingredients that we should definitely shop for at farmers markets and which should we leave to the supermarket aisles?

I would almost always look to my local farmer’s market for all fruits and veggies. I wish there were more local butcher shops and fish mongers like in the old days. Supermarkets are getting better, but should be used mainly for dry goods.

 Meet Chef Steven Levine

Which newly in-season product are you most excited to start slicing and dicing?

This is a no brainer: Heirloom tomatoes, summer pole and shell beans and Brentwood white corn!

Think back to to your high school cafeteria days…what lunch lady “delicacies” used to make it onto your plastic tray?

Luckily I never had to rely on the “lunch ladies.”  I always packed my own lunch.

If we peeked inside your fridge right now what would we discover?

I cook for my family everyday. It’s my career and hobby so my fridge runneth over at all times!

What ingredient do you least like to work with?

My least favorite ingredients to cook with are also my least favorite to eat: liver and fava beans. My apologies to Hanibal Lecter.

What’s your favorite place to brunch in the Bay Area?

We don’t mention the “B Word” in my house!

What artist or album do you like to rock out to while you’re cooking?

The tunes that I cook with are usually some old school punk rock. The Ramones, The Clash sprinkled liberally with some Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash garnished with the new Jack White and Tom Waits.

 Meet Chef Steven Levine

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