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Meet Jon Helquist, from a decade at Chez Panisse, to our new Culinary Manager.

5207538192 a15bc01665 z Meet Jon Helquist, from a decade at Chez Panisse, to our new Culinary Manager.We’re very excited to have Jon Helquist join us as Culinary Manager after a long-standing career working in some of the nation’s most progressive restaurants such as Quince, Chez Panisse, Seghesio Family Vineyards, and other fabulous establishments in the Napa Valley.

Growing up fishing, hunting, and foraging in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, Jon set the foundation for a love of cooking as well as an affinity for fresh, local ingredients.

Jon took the plunge at age 18 and rode the Green Tortoise (a bus that ran from Portland to San Francisco) to start a life in the food industry in San Francisco. He started at a coffee shop and worked his way to managing the venue.

His journey eventually took him to Chez Panisse, where he spent the better part of a decade immersed in one of the nation’s most decorated restaurants.

He began his first year hand making pastas and soups, while soaking up all the knowledge he could from this iconic staple of the Bay Area food community. Two chefs took him under his wing, Catherine Brandel and David Tannis. Working with these chefs, and in the Chez Panisse environment, helped shape his food philosophy, which is easy in theory, harder in practice – “Keep it simple.”

After nearly 10 years at Chez Panisse, Jon stepped out on his own as a restaurant consultant where he traveled to Italy and China to immerse himself in their cultures and gain new perspective on food, flavors, and textures. He brought this depth of experience to bear assisting on the opening of many well known restaurants like Quince, Oliveto and more.

Jon is most excited to work with a wide cross-section of chefs and work with them to create dishes that are fit with the local palate. We’re excited to have Jon here at HQ to work with our wonderful chefs to make Munchery the best it can be.

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Welcome Chef Guzzardi and Chef Cohen!

Get that second stomach for dessert prepped and ready because we have two new wonderful dessert chefs joining us at Munchery.

Chef Emily Guzzardi

Chef Emily Guzzardi studied baking and pastry arts at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, becoming immediately enchanted by the idea of having a small business while working at a bakery in Brooklyn.

Relocating to San Francisco in 2008, Guzzardi continued to foster strong connections with the food community through her work. In 2011, she decided to create her own business, BATCH baking, which specializes in exceptional homestyle baking.

Debut item: Marscapone Brownie

brownie Welcome Chef Guzzardi and Chef Cohen!

Chef Melissa Cohen


Diligently spending two years on a baking quest to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Chef Melissa Cohen finally achieved success. Leaving her desk job in 2012, she founded Salty Sweet, now serving her perfect chocolate chip cookie that has a twist – a sprinkle of salt.

Our customers have exclaimed, “Oh my deliciousness!” to her salty sweet cookies.

Debut Item: Signature Salty Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie

050213 9853 Welcome Chef Guzzardi and Chef Cohen!


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Welcome Vegetarian Chef Velvet Valentine!

We’re excited to welcome Chef Velvet Valentine to the team.

042513 8828+copy Welcome Vegetarian Chef Velvet Valentine!Velvet’s legacy goes all the way back to the the sister ship to the Titanic, where her great-grandfather was the Head Patisserie. Growing up making traditional Swedish dishes alongside her mother, she began cooking lessons with professional chefs at the age of 15.

Valentine received her formal training at the Prague Culinary Academy where she mastered a variety of cuisines, including vegetarian, vegan, and raw. She has had the honor of being Executive Chef at Oznot’s Dish in Brooklyn, New York.

Well-traveled, she brings her many experiences to the table as she hopes to bridge the gap between cuisines for a truly unique food experience.

Debut meal: Organic Manic Mushroom Tacos

Velvet+Valentine AB 4863 Welcome Vegetarian Chef Velvet Valentine!



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Iso Rabins and Blair Warsham Join Munchery

We’re delighted to introduce two chefs who have been staples in the San Francisco food community recently.

iso good+pic.1 Iso Rabins and Blair Warsham Join Munchery

Chef Iso Rabins

Iso is the founder and head chef of forageSF and The Wild Kitchen, an underground supper club. Focusing on the abundance of local, wild, foraged food, he loves sourcing the best wild mushrooms, nettle, boar, and a large variety of local fish.

Check out when he’s hosting his next underground dinner here.

Debut meal: House Smoked Black Cod with Wild Nettle Pesto Gnocchi

IMG 31591 Iso Rabins and Blair Warsham Join Munchery

Chef Blair Warsham

040413+Chef+Blair 7634+copy Iso Rabins and Blair Warsham Join Munchery

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Blair Warsham started cooking young as he assisted his grandmother in the kitchen. He’s worked all over the world, including France and Italy, cooking alongside Michelin-rated chefs Patrice Demangel of Sofitel Biarritz Miramar Hotel, Gerard Charbonier of Le Bougaincillier, and Jose Deancacleto of Holtel Million.

These days you’ll see Blair getting creative with graffEats, a pop up restaurant, and American Bao Bar, a new take on the popular Chinese bun.

Debut Meal: Five-Spice Pork Buns, Garlic Greens, Vegetable Fried Rice

040413+Chef+Blair 76061 Iso Rabins and Blair Warsham Join Munchery

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Munchery + Rewinery. Pairing Wine & Dinner for Delivery to Your Door.

MuncheryRewinery Munchery + Rewinery. Pairing Wine & Dinner for Delivery to Your Door.

An excellent bottle of wine. It’s one of those things that can make an already amazing meal a little extra special.

If you’re like us though, discovering some good new vino can be hit or miss with all the selection out there. It’s almost always better when experts suggest us some options.

Which is why we’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Rewinery, a wine discovery and delivery service!

Rewinery will be featuring a variety of hand curated wines and food pairing suggestions for purchase and delivery through Munchery.

You might have noticed some of their wines on the site around Christmas as part of a test pilot. Now you can expect to see a larger variety of their wines on the menu almost every day.

Food handcrafted by local chefs. Wine curated by connoisseurs. All delivered to your door by Munchery. Now that’s a Valentine’s Day match made in heaven!

First Up, A Special Valentine’s Offering:

Munchery Rewinery Valentines Pairing Munchery + Rewinery. Pairing Wine & Dinner for Delivery to Your Door.

Munchery Rewinery Valentines Pairing 2 Munchery + Rewinery. Pairing Wine & Dinner for Delivery to Your Door.

Munchery Rewinery Valentines Pairing 3 Munchery + Rewinery. Pairing Wine & Dinner for Delivery to Your Door.

Curl up closer to home, check out the entire Valentine’s Day menu>>

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More Chefs in the Kitchen

The Munchery kitchen is growing! In the past few weeks we have welcomed four new chefs who will add new talent and culinary styles to the Munchery menu. We are highly selective when bringing new chefs on board but these four surpassed our tasting test and tempted us with their creative and delicious menus.

jardine More Chefs in the Kitchen

Raised in Argentina, Chef James Jardine comes to Munchery with an authentic passion for Latin American cuisine. “Glorified home-cooking” is his culinary philosophy with the goal of providing food that people can relate to.

Debut Meals: Churrasco Steak

Portobello Mushroom Scallopini

Calvados-Braised Duroc Pork Shank

gaby1 More Chefs in the Kitchen


Chef Gaby Ferrandon’s French upbringing adds another international dimension to the Munchery menu. He grew up surrounded by food and cooking so it is no surprise he entered culinary school at the young age of 16. His favorite flavors include North African, Mediterranean and South American.

Debut Meal: Moroccan Beef Tagine



 More Chefs in the Kitchen

With a focus on natural and fresh ingredients, Chef Jocelyn VanLandingham will be tossing and chopping up salads for hungry Munchery customers. She aims to serve simple and delicious dishes with the goal of sharing “her love of all things awesome in the food world.”

Debut Meals: Kale and Goat Cheese Salad

Spinach Salad with Fennel and Apples



 More Chefs in the Kitchen

Chef Skye McDougall brings a unique mix of culinary experiences to the Munchery kitchen. Having worked in restaurants and catering companies across the US, he has developed a style that incorporates a variety of flavors including Polynesian, Japanese, Caribbean and Chinese.

Debut Meals: Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Braised Oxtail with Pan Seared Beet Gnocchi




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