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Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

Celebrate the season with Munchery! Beginning December 10th, holiday themed meals will be featured on the daily menu. Gather your family around the dinner table and let Munchery do the cooking!

We are kick starting the food festivities with Hanukkah inspired dishes. Chef Levine is cooking up some Jewish specialties-

Manichewitz Braised Beef Brisket

 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

 Jewish Echinacea aka Mama Levine’s Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup

 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

 Caramel Apple, Golden Raisin and Candied Ginger Noodle Kugel

 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

All received high praise during Rosh Hashanah, with many requests to be brought back to the menu- so here they are!

This is the time of year to spend with family and friends and enjoy good food, so Munchery chefs are hard at work bringing your holiday favorites to the menu. Don’t miss out on seasonal desserts, such as Chocolate Peppermint Cake, White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake and Pear and Rum-Current Clafouti, available throughout the next two weeks!

Beginning December 17th, Chef Levine will be serving a Christmas style ham and prime rib. These meals will be available as individual orders as well as a family style dinners to serve four!

Prime Rib Roast

 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

Bourbon and Maple Glazed Ham

 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

Don’t forget, during December Munchery is donating 10% of all proceeds to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks and Food Runners. Meaning a portion of all your holiday orders will be helping those in need!

Browse Holiday Menu Now!

holiday2 300x79 Get Your Munch On This Holiday Season

Munchery will be closed December 24th and 25th as well as December 31st and January 1st.

Happy Holidays! – The Munchery Team


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Munch For A Cause

At Munchery we know our team as well as Munchery customers are extremely fortunate to have access to healthy, good food but that many in our community are not as lucky. This holiday season we are dedicating ourselves to support organizations that help to feed the hungry. Throughout December, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a local food based charity.

We have partnered with the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks and Food Runners to support their efforts to end hunger in the Bay Area. This year, the Food Bank will distribute 45 million pounds of food, half of which is fresh produce. This is enough food for more than 102,000 meals each day. Seventy percent is distributed through a network of 230 weekly farmers’ market-style pantries that help individuals, seniors and families stretch their food budget. Food is also distributed through additional programs such as senior centers, soup kitchens and youth programs.

sffb logo Munch For A Cause

Food Runners delivers over 10 tons of food a week to programs that feed people in need. Volunteers pickup perishable and prepared food from businesses, caterers, restaurants, hotels, etc. and deliver it directly to after school programs, homeless shelters and other centers that serve the hungry. Along with December’s drive to donate to both of these organizations, throughout the year Munchery Chefs work with Food Runners to donate leftover food.

foodrunnerlogo Munch For A Cause

We are excited to be working with both of these organizations and show our support for the great work they are doing in the community. Help to feed those in need with every Munchery order!

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East Bay Launch & A Round of Funding

first email East Bay Launch & A Round of Funding

We launched Munchery a little over two years ago to help people eat better by creating a new dinner option that was both convenient, healthy and affordable.

Two years and over 60,000 meals later we’ve learned so much from each of you, and couldn’t be more excited to share with you the next chapter in the Munchery journey.

Starting today, Munchery will now be available to almost the entire East Bay, including Berkeley and Oakland. Now almost all of the San Francisco Bay Area can eat better with Munchery.

We’re also excited to announce that Munchery has raised a $4 million Series A round of funding, led by diehard Munchery customers e.ventures. Last week we announced that we were removing our marketplace fee, lowering prices by 20-25%, to better serve you. We’ll be using this funding to better serve you in a variety of ways too (new packaging starting today!), as well as expand Munchery to other markets around the country, starting with LA, Seattle and New York City in early 2013.

We’re just getting started, and want to thank each of you for all your feedback and love you’ve shared with us to date. We’ve got a lot more in store that we can’t wait to share with you in the coming months.


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Less Fees. More Coverage.

I’m excited to announce some upcoming changes to our meal pricing and coverage that will bring amazing value to our customers.

Our mission has always been to offer a third way for dinner besides going out and cooking in. We’re fanatical about democratizing delicious food by connecting customers and chefs together.

To further that cause and better serve you, we’re reducing fees and increasing convenience.

Bye Bye Marketplace Fee
Starting Monday, November 5th, the total cost of all your orders will be reduced by 15-25%.

How are we doing that? Back in July 2012, we rolled out a pricing structure change which comprised of a delivery fee as well as a marketplace service fee. However, we felt it did not deliver the best customer experience. Working with our chefs, we’ve completely rebuilt the economics of our meals and are removing the marketplace service fee altogether.

Once this change goes live, you can expect to see anywhere from $2-$10 off your total from now on since there will no longer be a marketplace fee.

In order to preserve our popular no-minimum order policy that everyone loves, we’re also restructuring the delivery fee to better reflect the increase of gas prices and the varying delivery distances.

Depending on your location in SF, the delivery charge will range from $2.95-$3.95. Other parts of the city will see a nominal delivery fee increase of $1. We don’t take any increase lightly, but there are certain realities such as gas, parking, density, and distance that make this a necessary change.

Even with a new delivery fee structure, customers will still see noticeable savings, since orders of any size will no longer include the service fee. We think it’s a big win for everyone.

Peninsula & Marin – Less Cost, More Convenience
We just rolled out new a logistics system for Peninsula and Marin that has enabled us to reduce delivery windows from 3 hours down to 2.

This also optimized our delivery costs, and we’re passing that savings back to our customers.

On 11/5, we’ll reduce the delivery fee by up to 30% across our Peninsula and Marin zones (savings will vary depending on your area).

Removing our marketplace fee and dramatically cutting our delivery fee means that all of you in the Peninsula and Marin are in for a big price reduction.

Munchery to the East Bay
Start spreading the word, Munchery is coming to the East Bay very soon! Stay tuned!

We’re just getting started
We’re growing rapidly and have more big announcements on the horizon. I’d like to thank all our customers and chefs. Your words of encouragement as well as honest feedback has had a tremendous effect on our small team. We’re trying to fundamentally disrupt something as basic as dinner, and we’re super-excited and deeply grateful for everyone’s support.

We’re cooking up even more exciting stuff that I can’t talk about yet, but stay tuned. Next week and the coming months are going to be big, and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on with you.

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Trick-or-Treat with Munchery

We all know that San Francisco does not take Halloween lightly so Munchery is joining in on the celebration. We are offering up two treats for the holiday, a $50 Munchery gift card and a promotional discount!

Share with us your creative costume by posting a photo of you, friends, and family to our Facebook wall. Whether you are dressing up for trick-or-treating, an office party, or a Giants celebration we want to see you rocking a Halloween costume. Post photos throughout the week for a chance to win $50 of Munchery credit. The winner will be chosen Monday, November 5th so make sure to get your scary, fierce and cute costume photos posted!

Check out Wyatt, Director of Business Development, and his family who spent time enjoying festivities last weekend.

 Trick or Treat with Munchery

Our second treat … a special discount for those who place their orders early. The first 20 people to use the promo code TRICKORTREAT will receive 20% off their order! Enter the code during checkout to see whether you are one of twenty to receive this Halloween treat! Let Munchery do the cooking so you can dedicate time to looking your best.

email halloween1 300x112 Trick or Treat with Munchery

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Munchery is going Beyond Buttercream

 Munchery is going Beyond Buttercream

Confection connoisseurs, get ready to rejoice. The Munchery chef roster has a new addition: a pastry chef to reckon with. So, please join us in welcoming Jennifer Bratko and her Beyond Buttercream brand to Munchery. We are already very fortunate to be working with amazing pastry talents such as Lauren Cox and Remi Hayashi, so adding Jennifer is a super bonus.

Completely self-taught, Jennifer is the winner of numerous baking and cake decoration competitions. Take a look at her Beyond Buttercream website and it is clear her sweet creations are quite beautiful. And as visually striking as her creations are, what struck us was how good they tasted. Often in high end baking, flavor is compromised for appearance – something that Jennifer feels very strongly should not be the case. And we agree. Let’s just say that there was hardly a crumb leftover when Jennifer came in for her Munchery tasting. Jennifer is very committed to making everything from scratch using high quality ingredients. She has even developed her own signature buttercream and 100% organic gluten-free flour. No inexpensive alternatives and no cutting corners. But don’t take it from us, check the Munchery menu for her next sweet offering and have a try for yourself.

Recently, we sat down with Jennifer to get to know a little more about her background, interests and colorful personality.

 Munchery is going Beyond Buttercream


Which celebrity chef would you most like to cook with and what would you want to prepare?  I would love to bake with Chef Ron Ben Israel, but I’d KILL to make sugar flowers with him.  His cakes are art and he’s such a wonderful personality on TV it would really be an honor.

Your cousin from out-of-town has a long layover at SFO. He hops in a cab and texts you wanting to know the one thing he has to eat in the city before he rushes back to the airport. What do you tell him?  I really dig hot dogs from Showdogs on Market and 6th.  Delicious food with a glimpse of gritty city living.

Do you feel as though you have a signature dish? If so, what is it?  My Swiss meringue buttercream is my signature, and it’s my own personal recipe.  It’s made from cooked egg whites and sugar that are whipped into a meringue with butter folded in.  It’s silky smooth, not that sweet, and is the type of platform I can load up with real fruit, chocolates and nuts.  It takes cake to a whole new sophisticated level.

Invite five famous or infamous folks (they can be alive or dead) to your dinner party. Who are they and what will you serve them?  Strangely, I am having a “Downton Abbey” sort-of fantasy…  Elizabeth I, Beethoven, Joss Wheaton, Bill Clinton and Matthew Shepard.  I’d probably make a dessert buffet of mini cupcakes, macarons, profiteroles, and pot du creme.  As a bonus I’d like to invite Tom Hardy to be my personal footman.

Which of your cookbooks has the most pages covered in olive oil and flour i.e. which one can’t you live without?  The Cake Bible.

In your opinion, what are a few ingredients that we should definitely shop for at farmers markets and which should we leave to the supermarket aisles?  If you can look the person in the eye that actually made the item at the farmer’s market, buy it.  Stuff I leave to the grocery stores are boxes of cereal.  I can’t live without my Honey Nut Cheerios.

Which newly in-season product are you most excited to start slicing and dicing?  Cranberries.  Magical things happen with those tart, flavorless things when you add a little love.

Think back to to your high school cafeteria days…what lunch lady “delicacies” used to make it onto your plastic tray?  I lived off gallons of coke and 1000 Grand candy bars in High School!  Although, there was this pizza joint across the street from my high school that sold the greasiest, slimiest “pizza” you could imagine.  It was foul, but it was a buck a slice.

If we peeked inside your fridge right now what would we discover?  Lots of condiments and no food.

What ingredient do you least like to work with?  Mint.  Hate it.  Can’t be around it.

What’s your favorite place to brunch in the Bay Area?  I have to pick just one?  Whichever one I can get a table and a mimosa at.

What artist or album do you like to rock out to while you’re cooking?  I seem to be stuck in the 80′s and 90′s when I work, so lots of Bad Religion, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Incubus etc.  I basically just put my iphone on random and let it go.


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