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One Touch To Share Holiday Cheer With The Hungry

One Touch To Share Cheer With The Hungry

This holiday season, we’ve teamed up with PayPal to let you feed the hungry with just one touch. On December 15th, we’re hosting a festive feast in San Francisco for hundreds of those in need with all the trimmings—holiday decorations, guest speakers, Munchery chefs and, of course, plenty of fantastic dishes.

If you’d like to participate (and we hope you do), just pay for your next Munchery order using PayPal anytime between November 25th and December 15th and we’ll donate a percentage of the proceeds (in addition to our normal give a meal get a meal program) to this special event. We’d also love a few helping hands—decking the halls, peeling the potatoes—on the day of the event. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at feedthehungry@munchery.com.

Everyone deserves a meal served with love and we hope you’ll help us do just that. Happy holidays from the Munchery team!

Click Here to see today’s menu!

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Introducing Tap To Feed

Give A Meal Before Giving Thanks

From the very beginning, it was important to us that Munchery give back to the communities it serves. With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to supercharge our existing meal donation program – through which we have already donated hundreds of thousands of meals in the Bay Area. With more than 50 million Americans struggling to put food on the table and less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, how could we not?

So, we partnered with ridesharing service Uber and Food Runners—an organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in San Francisco—to create #TaptoFeed, a campaign that will deliver thousands of meals to those in need, all in just one day, and all on-demand. You’ll be able to watch your donation travel to its destination in real time. This is technology at its very best, and we’re so proud to be a part of it. We hope you will be, too.

Here’s how it works:

—If you haven’t already, download the Uber app for iOS, Android or Windows
—Open the Uber app today between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and tap the FEED vehicle in the bottom navigation
—Donate a meal – $10 provides a meal for someone in need custom made by one of our chefs
—Track your meal in real time as it makes its way to a Food Runners location
—Enjoy a $10 credit toward your next Munchery order and lots of good karma

From the Munchery family to yours, thank you for helping us spread some Thanksgiving cheer and have a wonderful holiday season!

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Behind the Scenes of a Munchery Shoot

Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes

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Our Use of Refrigerated Trucks

Over the last couple days, we’ve received some questions concerning Munchery’s use of refrigerated trucks near our primary commercial kitchen. I’m writing this morning to answer those questions publicly and to apologize to neighbors who have been bothered by our operations.

1. Why does Munchery use refrigerated trucks?
Food safety always has been–and always will be–our #1 priority. Our food is prepared fresh each day, then chilled to maintain optimal flavor and quality for delivery.

Like any food business which delivers fresh product (think meat or produce), we use a fleet of refrigerated trucks to keep our food chilled en route to customers. Delivering in this format lets us offer temperature-sensitive dishes your local takeout place can’t – like grilled fish or medium-rare steak.

2. How does Munchery use refrigerated trucks?
We use refrigerated trucks in two ways: (a) to deliver meals to customers and (b) to distribute produce we receive from our purveyors to our culinary teams. After each day’s deliveries, trucks are emptied and cleaned. We never use trucks as overnight storage for any food.

3. Are your truck engines left idling throughout the day?
No. In compliance with state law, our trucks’ engines are never left idling. Because these trucks are loaded with chilled food ahead of delivery, we run the refrigeration units while they are loading (the units turn on and off automatically to keep the temperature at a level which is food-safe). These units, which are mounted on top of trucks, operate independently of the trucks’ primary engine. This is permitted under state law.

4. Why do Munchery’s trucks receive parking tickets?
At times, we have failed to move our trucks during street cleaning. We’re working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again and understand this is a serious issue.

5. What are you doing to be a better neighbor?
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused our neighbors. In recent weeks, we have engaged with neighbors and, as a small token of apology, offered free meals while we work to improve the situation.

While we operate in an area zoned for industrial activity and our operations are in compliance with all state and local laws, it’s really important to us that we are considerate neighbors. To that end, we are taking the following steps:

  • Long-Term Solution. We began construction on a new facility several months ago. We expect to move in by the beginning of December. This will not eliminate the need for trucks, but it will reduce their presence at our kitchens.
  • Short-Term Efforts. We have been opening additional facilities. This will enable us to move our trucks away from the kitchens earlier in the day.

6. What are you doing to be a good corporate citizen?
We do our best to be a positive force in the community. Some efforts include:

  • Using eco-friendly packaging,
  • Offsetting the carbon footprint of every delivery vehicle, and
  • Donating over 300,000 meals in the past year to the SF and Marin Food Bank.

As context for why we do these things: I spent most of my career writing software to help nonprofits. I’ve always believed that giving back should be a core part of any company’s mission. I feel incredibly lucky to live in the Bay Area, and it’s really important to me that Munchery is a force for good.

Tri Tran
CEO & Co-founder

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Thanksgiving, Simplified

Sit back and relax this year, we're on kitchen duty.

Thanksgiving is about three things: spending quality time with loved ones, expressing deep gratitude, and stuffing yourself silly. None of which require that someone spend the entire day in the kitchen.

Our four-person feasts are an easy way to simplify the holiday — reserve one now and let Munchery chefs take care of dinner. They worked together to come up with a classic, comforting menu that gets the beloved all-American meal just right.

Each family-style delivery includes free-range, all natural roast turkey with pan gravy; creamy mashed potatoes; cornbread stuffing; local brussels sprouts sauteed with smoked bacon; an autumn salad; and homemade cranberry relish. And vegetarians needn’t feel left out this year — there’s also butternut squash with local quince and chestnut stuffing, accompanied by roasted brussels sprouts and pomegranate seeds.

There’s holiday pumpkin pie too, of course. And clean-up couldn’t be easier.

Let our chefs whip up the classics and bring Thanksgiving to your doorstep. Here’s to a holiday filled with love, laughter and plenty of time with family and friends!

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The Chef Chronicles

Introducing the Chef Chronicles.

What’s it like to run a kitchen? Why do so many chefs and restaurant operators talk about putting in 80 to 100 hours a week? And what drives them to keep doing it?

We at Munchery have a team of top-flight chefs who lived that life and survived to tell about it. And they’re doing it in a new series called “The Chef Chronicles.”

To get those stories and relay them to Munchery customers and all food lovers, we’ve engaged the veteran music journalist Ben Fong-Torres, famous for his work at Rolling Stone magazine and for being depicted as himself in the Golden Globe-winning film, Almost Famous.

Why Ben? For one thing, he’s a Munchery customer himself. He tried us back in May 2013, and has been ordering at least once a week ever since.

And although Ben, who’s also a columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle, a radio DJ and an Emmy-awarded TV broadcaster, is known primarily for writing about entertainment, he’s also contributed to Gourmet, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit and other food publications.

Through this series, readers will learn about the people who are preparing their Munchery meals, and what it’s like making food for delivery to thousands of busy, hungry people every weekday.

Ben, who plans on a Chef Chronicle every two weeks – his same schedule at Rolling Stone and the Chronicle – will visit chefs separately, and in a relaxed environment – that is, away from the workplace. “Drinks may be involved,” he said. Each profile will introduce the chef, offer high (and low) lights in their training and career, and seek answers to a question they often ask themselves: Why do they keep doing it?

“It’s going to be fun for anyone who’s curious about Munchery, restaurants and food,” says Ben. “My first visit was to Scott Newman, who I met when he was the drummer in an all-chefs band. That was years ago, but he’s still cooking, still rocking, and making connections between creating meals and music. Thanks to Scott, the series is off and rocking.”

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