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Meet Chef Jaime Love
jaime.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Jaime Love

Chef Love joined Munchery at the beginning of April and she’s already knocked plenty of your socks off with her lightened up take on some stellar comfort food classics including Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Tikka Masala. Tonight she’ll attempt to woo you yet again with a dish of whole grain spaghetti topped with homemade roasted garlic marinara sauce and tender turkey and veggie filled meatballs. Eating well never looked so good!

Jaime grew up in Los Angeles with an executive chef as her dad so she’s known her way around the kitchen since she could pretty much walk. In fact, one of her earliest memories involves building forts from the gigantic condiment jars in the restaurant’s walk-in and passing her father apples to make into fresh juice. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Jaime’s mom taught her how to read cookbooks, follow recipes, and prepare meals for the family. Needless to say, both parents contributed heavily to her passion for food.

mac.jpg.scaled500 Meet Chef Jaime Love

These days Chef Love tends to get her recipes online, instead of from traditional books, and her laptop definitely has been known to get a little messy in the process. When she does reach for something from a shelf though it’s usually The Joy of Cooking. Jaime loves that the recipes don’t try to make cooking too simple as she thoroughly enjoys a good kitchen challenge.

When it comes to ingredients, this chef is counting down the days until strawberries and heirloom tomatoes are fully back in season. Jamie also loves checking out the little restaurant stands at farmers markets for some fine foodie eats. She’s also a fan of picking up fresh fish from vendors when it’s available, but cautions that you should always checkout seller’s credentials before making purchases.

jaime collage.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Jaime Love

Back at home, Chef Love readily admits that her fridge might be a tad on the cluttered side right now but that’s just because she has so many projects in the works. At any given moment you might find anything from homemade whipped cream and frosting to cilantro, beer, and lemons. There’s even some cookie dough that’s waiting to be baked off. We think that if she needs assistane with cleaning up that dish we’d all heartily volunteer. One thing you won’t find housed in a container anytime soon would be snails. Hopefully none of you were hoping for a Munchery version of escargot!

When Jaime isn’t watching Julie and Julia (you know you love that movie too) she’s hard at work finishing up a bachelor’s degree in the hospitality field.

You can purchase Chef Love’s meals online and follow along with her extensive up-to-the minute culinary adventures via Twitter.

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Meet Chef Holly Erickson
holly.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Holly Erickson

Chef Erickson isn’t only a wiz in the kitchen, she’s also a serious movie buff. Recently she combined these two loves into a creative cookbook venture that features recipes inspired by the tasty dishes featured in films like Babette’s Feast, Moonstruck, and even a Christmas Carol.

holly food.jpeg.scaled500 Meet Chef Holly Erickson

You most likely recognize Holly via her creamy chicken pot pie, various Russian inspired dishes, or perhaps her delicious Valentine’s Day meal of roast chicken and Champagne creme fraiche. How precious are those carefully crafted heart-shaped beets?

Chef Erickson actually grew up in San Francisco’s Richmond district intently watching her grandmother construct delicate and tangy lemon meringue pies. Not only was her home life filled with delicious hand made treats, but this budding cook also attended a school where everything from doughnuts to sandwich buns were made from scratch. That’s a far cry from today’s frozen food and pre-packaged cafeteria offerings. While many of us might consider chicken noodle soup or a hamburger the ultimate in comfort food, Holly was raised on borscht and piroshki and loves to introduce hungry diners to these unfamiliar dishes whenever she has the chance.

holly collage.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Holly Erickson

Of course, this chef’s tastes go beyond those nostalgic family meals. These days you’ll always find bubbly champagne in her fridge as well as good parmesan cheese, homemade marmalade, puff pastry, and oodles of olives. Sounds like a snackers dream doesn’t it? The one thing you probably won’t find tucked in her overflowing with organics crisper are hot peppers. While our chef likes her cinema spicy she’d rather abstain from incorporating those particular fiery veggies in her recipes.

You can purchase Chef Erickson’s meals online and follow along with her continued literary and pop culture driven adventures at her food blog Lights! Camera! Cuisine! We especially recommend that you take the time to check out her Downton Abbey posts. We feel a theme night in out future, don’t you?

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Meet Chef Young Tran
young tran.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Young Tran

Chef Tran makes his Munchery debut today with a dish that’s knocking our socks off in both the looks and taste department. Young’s Ancho Stewed Pork will surely sell out so we’ll give you a moment to pop over to our website to stake your place in the dinner line before filling you in this brand new addition to the kitchen. All set? Let’s continue!

ancho pork.jpg.scaled500 Meet Chef Young Tran

Chef Tran’s fondness for food dates back to his childhood when he would diligently help his grandfather tend the family garden. His favorite memory of this time involved picking and preparing baby lettuce for dinner. Fast-forward to today and this little farmer is all grown-up with an organic garden of his own. Here he pays tribute to those nostalgic days by fertilizing his plot with home-cured compost and even plants a very unique variety of heirloom cranberry beans.

Young has both volunteered and worked in a large array of local kitchens including Chez Panisse, Oliveto, Gather Restaurant, and Acquacotta. That’s a lot of chefs to please! On the subject of chefs, when asked which celebrated ktchen denizen he’d most like to cook with, Tran indicated that Paul Bertolli would be his top choice and he’d love to butcher an entire hog and make homemade prosciutto with him. Perhaps Chef Tran and Chef Bertolli could then serve this special meat at a jointly thrown dinner party?

chef tran collage.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Young Tran

When we asked our newest chef whom he would most like to invite to this imaginary dinner party (they could be real or fictional, alive or deceased) he promptly listed a group consisting of writer C.S. Lewis, President Obama, Michael Pollan, and Rembrandt. Chef Tran further elaborated that he would cook grilled rack of lamb with roasted heirloom carrots and kamut for this eclectic crew. Wouldn’t you like to observe that party reality TV style?

After Young tackles the farmers markets for heirloom tomatoes, chicories, figs and stone fruits he likes to rock out in his kitchen to Switchfoot where, if he can help it, he rarely uses celery.


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Meet Chef Maggie Lawson
maggie lawson.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Maggie Lawson

Chef Maggie Lawson has been working as a personal chef and nutrition educator in Berkeley and Oakland since 2004. Maggie joined the Munchery team last summer and made quite the impression with her self-proclaimed signature dish of Shittake Meatloaf. A meal that was inspired by a recipe her mom made when she was little but now, admittedly, is crafted with more upscale ingredients like Rosie’s organic ground chicken, Niman Ranch ground beef, and locally grown mushrooms. Now that’s a meatloaf to write home about!

meatloaf.jpg.scaled1000 Meet Chef Maggie Lawson

Maggie’s love of food and cooking began at a young age. She very fondly recalls her mother creating meals on many occasions during the busy week so that they could share food together as a family. Coincidentally, Maggie’s culinary prowess may have also been influenced by her very much alive and healthy 102 year-old great grandmother from Ohio who once lived down the street from Marion Rombauer Becker. Becker co-wrote many editions of the classic cookbook The Joy of Cooking with her mother Irma and this wonderful tome is now one of Chef Lawson’s most treasured references. Especially significant to Maggie’s family is the recipe for Cincinnati Chili in the book. Maybe if we leave lots of encouraging comments we can talk her into making a batch one week?

maggie collage.jpg.scaled500 Meet Chef Maggie Lawson

When Maggie isn’t in the kitchen, crafting fantastic healthy meals for her customers while dancing around to Shakira, she can be found scouring the famers markets for seasonal asparagus, enjoying brunch at Aunt Mary’s Cafe, or giving us recommendations on German foodie films. Soul Kitchen, anyone?

You can order meals from Maggie each week and also follow her adventures online via her website, blog, and Facebook account. Chef Lawson also currently has a Kickstarter campaign running. Check out the details here, and learn about her pop-up restaurant experience happening in June.

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Customers: where they are and how much they tip

Where Meals Are Delivered
We have always had a good hunch where our customers were located. But enough of gut decisions; we wanted to confirm it.

For the past year Munchery has served thousands of meals across the beautiful city of San Francisco and we wanted to take a closer look at the data. Here’s a peek at what the order geography looks like today:

orders1.jpg.scaled10001 Customers: where they are and how much they tip

We are thrilled to report that we have fulfilled orders from every possible ZIP code in San Francisco, including Treasure Island. Honestly, we didn’t even know that Treasure Island was officially part of San Francisco when we first started Munchery.

To satisfy our own curiosity, we overlayed the previous order chart with the distribution of our customer base across all the neighborhoods. We want to see which neighborhoods have a larger customer base than others, and check whether there are any big discrepancies (such as a small percentage of customers ordering a lot, or a large percentage of customers making few orders). The below chart shows that for the most part, percentages of orders and customers align.

customers and orders.jpg.scaled1000 Customers: where they are and how much they tip

SOMA is King
Currently one neighborhood dominates in the Munchery statistics: SOMA. It’s a large one too. Random urban trivia for today: SOMA has not one, not two, but three separate ZIP codes: 94103 (“classic” SOMA?), 94105 (towards Embarcadero), and 94107, which overlaps with Potrero Hill! See the map below if you are not familiar with the area. In reality the bar chart for SOMA would be off the charts if we were to combine these three zones together.

SOMA ZIP codes.jpg.scaled1000 Customers: where they are and how much they tip


As many of you are aware SOMA is one of the top areas in the city for new business growth. It has plenty of modernized office space at reasonable prices, plus it’s near many transportation hubs including Caltrain, BART, Muni and freeway access.

Munchery’s early adopters are busy professionals, many of whom are startup entrepreneurs working long hours that left them little time for shopping, prepping and cooking food. They were screaming for an alternative to greasy takeout. Knowing that our delicious meals bring joy to the people hatching bold, new ideas positively gives us goosebumps! The additional added convenience of online ordering, reliable delivery, and affordability over almost any other similar option makes us a no-brainer mealtime decision. We sincerely thank these early adopters for their continued support.

Of course, we are quickly spreading out from SOMA. There’s recognizable growth in Russian Hill and Nob Hill, followed by the Mission and Bernal neighborhoods.

The Delight of New Parents
Customers from Noe Valley make up another key group: many of them have young children (yup, this fits the family-friendly stereotype that Noe has). But of course we have parents as customers all over town. In case you didn’t know, San Francisco is not a family-dominated city. Only about 58,000 households have children (versus 265,000 households that don’t). Out of these 58,000 households, we are delighted to serve this group since they arguably need our service the most (our gift cards are also a super popular gift for new parents).

Who Tips And How Much
This is a sensitive topic for everyone. Shortly after we provided customers the ability to tip our delivery drivers online via their credit card, we took extra measures to ensure each customer is treated with the highest level of service, regardless of their tipping rate. Our billing system ensures that we are blind to that data on a per-customer basis. But as an aggregate, we couldn’t help but take a peek at how the tipping data we do have aligns with geography. Here’s the complete chart with the median tip dollar amount per order.

customers orders median tips.jpg.scaled500 Customers: where they are and how much they tip

Keep in mind that this data only accounts for credit card tips, and does not include cash tips that many of our generous customers also give out. Nevertheless, we just think it’s interesting to look at the aggregate data (we’re all geeks). A typical credit card tip is about $3 to $5 per order.

So, how else do we interpret all this data? It’s interesting, but I think that’s about it. It’s not something we want to over-analyze or come to any hasty conclusions about. As we look at the geographical distribution, it only emboldens our efforts to democratize the personal chef experience.

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Eat Well. Live Well.

We are pleased to announce a partnership between Munchery and STUDIOMIX, a new locally owned health club here in San Francisco. The Eat Well. Live Well partnership furthers the wellness balance that Munchery customers already receive from our meals with the convenience of an all-in-one health facility. 

STUDIOMIX is not your average gym. Along with all the amenities of a traditional health club, the main focus of this 30,000 square foot complex is on offering classes all day, every day. It is San Francisco’s largest group of studios under one roof. Classes include Barre, Boxing, Boot Camp, Cross Training, Dance, Kettlebells, Martial Arts, Pilates, Studio Cycling, TRX®, Yoga, Zumba®, and many more, not to mention classes on a three-story climbing wall! They also offer detailed amenities such as towel service, steam and sauna, complimentary WiFi along with personal services such as massage and bodywork therapy, nutrition coaching, expert personal training and child care.

Special for all Munchery customers: a reduced rate of $95 per month (down from $135). No initiation fee or contracts required. As well, STUDIOMIX members receive 10% off all Munchery orders and can elect to have their meals delivered directly to STUDIOMIX in the evenings.

For more information go to www.studiomix.com

To get started, please email the STUDIOMIX sales team with “Munchery Customer” in the subject line or feel free to contact them directly with any questions.

Emilie Lincoln


Dolly Renick


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