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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

We are always on the look out for how we can make meals more affordable while still maintaining the high quality and great taste our meals are known for. This new offering does exactly that.

Enjoy up to 20% off of our already low priced meals when placing your order by 10:00AM the day before. For example, a meal priced at $13.99 only costs $11.99 when you order early (that’s approximately 14% off). A meal at $15.99 regular price might go for just $12.99 which is 19% off.

By placing an order earlier, chefs have more time to prepare for your meal. They can procure ingredients more efficiently and set them aside for you. This early foresight can often result in savings, which is then passed directly to you.

So go ahead and place your order early and enjoy the early bird discount. Your chefs will thank you.

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From Phone to Fork


Today, we’re proud to unveil our new Munchery iPhone app to all our hungry customers. From phone to fork, ordering a delicious dinner for the night just takes a few taps. It’s like having your own team of chefs available at your fingertips. To kick off our iPhone launch, we’re going to light up San Francisco with a city-wide launch promo: get 70% off the first order that you make on your iPhone (yes, hard to believe, but read on for details).

A few months ago, we took a support call from a customer named Jill. Her call echoed many others we’ve received in the past: a hurried mom with a crying baby you could hear in the background. She didn’t even have a minute to get in front of a computer, but needed a way to order Munchery while she was on the go. Jill’s story, and many like it, have been constantly on our minds while designing the Munchery app. It had to be convenient and extraordinary when putting your order, unlike the other complicated “food ordering” apps out there. After extensive testing, we’re pretty confident that you can get an amazing dinner added to your cart and checked out before you even finish reading this sentence. For everyone who struggles to find balance in their day it doesn’t get easier than this.



The first time you launch the Munchery app, you’ll be taken through a brief introductory tour where you’ll also be invited to enable Meal Notifications. We often receive customer feedback that they’re not always at their desk and miss our daily menu when it arrives via email. By the time they check our site sometimes their favorite foods are already sold out. Our Meal Notifications use Apple’s push technology to conveniently alert you to new offerings daily on our ever changing menu. Yup, finally a food app that actually gets you real food! So, say goodbye to all those burrito, pizza and takeout apps. Phone to Fork is here.

In addition to launching our iPhone app, we also wanted to do something real special for everyone. New to this week’s chef showcase are Chefs Johnny Honda and Chef Mark Hayashida, who are crafting a jaw-dropping sushi and soba spread featuring sustainable Doch Luart salmon, local hamachi and a rainbow selection of seasonal vegetables. This is Japanese cuisine at its best delivered to you.

And finally, to celebrate the Munchery app launch, new and existing customers will receive 70% off (for orders up to $50 prior to the discount) on their first order made using the iPhone app. The promotion is valid until 5/19/2012 and is limited to one per household. Just use the promotional code PHONE2FORK when you place an order. It’s our way of making your first “phone to fork” experience a special one. Undoubtedly, the first of many to come. Please help us spread the word, and show off the Munchery app to your friends.

Download Munchery from the App Store


(Don’t forget to rate the app as well!)

Are you excited as we are? Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. We need all the support we can get!


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Meet Chef Michelle Harrison

Chef Harrison’s extensive kitchen knowledge stems from years of professional catering experience ranging from large corporate events to personal meal services for busy executives. Michelle describes her food style as “global comfort food” and we couldn’t agree more with this statement.


You’ll probably recognize this chef’s creative food from past Munchery offerings such as the extremely popular roasted Dungeness crab and garlic noodle feast, the always in high-demand meatloaf with smashed red bliss potatoes, or her stunning grilled red snapper with rice pilaf. Fabulous, perfectly moist and flavorful, unexpected, and outstanding are just a handful of adjectives that past customers have used when describing this chef’s tempting menus.


One of Michelle’s earliest food related memories surrounds eating with her mother and father. Chef Harrison fondly recalls a trio of skillets in blue, orange, and green that nested inside the other from large to small. Each day breakfast would be prepared and served in those pans. Michelle’s mother made her eggs just the way she liked them, soft but well cooked. While her father enjoyed his more on the runny side. A preference that five-year-old Michelle found horrifying at the time. Years later she would witness Jacques Pépin make his eggs in the very same manner but it didn’t help her father’s case. Today Michelle still owns the medium-sized green skillet.


When asked to reveal a chef that she would most like to cook with Harrison readily offered up the queen of creole cuisine, Leah Chase. Michelle explained that creole cooks from Chase’s generation have a knack for making complex tasting dishes with magical simplicity and she’d love to know all of her techniques and secrets. We think we’d loved to sample any of Chef Harrison’s experiments in this area. Should we pass around a sign-up sheet?

If you happen to hear strains of salsa music coming from the next room then chances are this chef is hard at work. Michelle’s refrigerator is certainly stocked for recipe creation. We’re curious to find out what she intends to do with her array of sausage and peppers, bok choy, grapefruit, homemade sweet tea and pickles. Don’t worry! We’re certain they all aren’t going into a one pot concoction.

You can check out Chef Harrison’s past menus online and order her meals weekly via our website.

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Come Pin With Us!

We’re excited to announce today that Munchery is now on Pinterest. We’ve been pinning our little hearts out and we’re totally smitten with the system. In addition, our website is now fully pinable. If you see food on the site that tickles your fancy, simply click on the cheery red Pinterest icon and add it to a board.


Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to tear ourselves away from all of those eye-popping images of delicious meals, but then we remember that our chefs make food all week long that looks just as spectacular. Plus, you can actually taste our dishes without a trip to the grocery store and an elaborate evening of chopping, cooking, and dirty dish clean-up.


If you’re a fellow Pinterest user please consider following our boards. You can catch-up on old favorites, check out new meals to save for later dinner dates, or even share your most wanted edible pins with us. We’d love seeing what your dream meals would be, and who knows….maybe you’ll inspire one of our chefs to prepare it. Happy pinning!

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones

We know who you are. You are the small guys with the big plans. You are the startup that’s keeping it lean, doing all you can to take a great idea from concept to business. You are working long days (and nights) without a clear end in sight. It’s grueling. At Munchery, we are here for you because we are you. We are right there alongside you, working hard to disrupt and change the world.

We want to do our part to support the startup community, so we’re launching Munchery for Small Teams. If you are a San Francisco-based startup with 5 or fewer employees, dinner is on us. And if your team is more than 5 members strong, the first 5 meals are complimentary and we’ll discount the rest. No gimmicks, no games. There’s no beating around the bush — of course we hope you enjoy the food and service and come back for more. You be the judge. There won’t be any hard selling from us.

Munchery’s talented network of local chefs prepare well-balanced meals every day that we deliver straight to the office or homes of countless hard working professionals. We offer a nice alternative to traditional takeout. So, go ahead and have a taste for yourself.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Go to munchery.com/office and fill out the form.
  2. We’ll notify you when you are set up to receive your first meal free of charge.



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Meet Chef Jaime Love

Chef Love joined Munchery at the beginning of April and she’s already knocked plenty of your socks off with her lightened up take on some stellar comfort food classics including Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Tikka Masala. Tonight she’ll attempt to woo you yet again with a dish of whole grain spaghetti topped with homemade roasted garlic marinara sauce and tender turkey and veggie filled meatballs. Eating well never looked so good!

Jaime grew up in Los Angeles with an executive chef as her dad so she’s known her way around the kitchen since she could pretty much walk. In fact, one of her earliest memories involves building forts from the gigantic condiment jars in the restaurant’s walk-in and passing her father apples to make into fresh juice. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Jaime’s mom taught her how to read cookbooks, follow recipes, and prepare meals for the family. Needless to say, both parents contributed heavily to her passion for food.


These days Chef Love tends to get her recipes online, instead of from traditional books, and her laptop definitely has been known to get a little messy in the process. When she does reach for something from a shelf though it’s usually The Joy of Cooking. Jaime loves that the recipes don’t try to make cooking too simple as she thoroughly enjoys a good kitchen challenge.

When it comes to ingredients, this chef is counting down the days until strawberries and heirloom tomatoes are fully back in season. Jamie also loves checking out the little restaurant stands at farmers markets for some fine foodie eats. She’s also a fan of picking up fresh fish from vendors when it’s available, but cautions that you should always checkout seller’s credentials before making purchases.


Back at home, Chef Love readily admits that her fridge might be a tad on the cluttered side right now but that’s just because she has so many projects in the works. At any given moment you might find anything from homemade whipped cream and frosting to cilantro, beer, and lemons. There’s even some cookie dough that’s waiting to be baked off. We think that if she needs assistane with cleaning up that dish we’d all heartily volunteer. One thing you won’t find housed in a container anytime soon would be snails. Hopefully none of you were hoping for a Munchery version of escargot!

When Jaime isn’t watching Julie and Julia (you know you love that movie too) she’s hard at work finishing up a bachelor’s degree in the hospitality field.

You can purchase Chef Love’s meals online and follow along with her extensive up-to-the minute culinary adventures via Twitter.

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