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Your Perfect Burger

la favorites blog 01 Your Perfect Burger

Warren Schwartz, Munchery’s Culinary Director in Los Angeles, is the man behind the madness behind Your Perfect Burger, a star dish on our new L.A. Favorites menu, dishes that we’ll cook and deliver in Los Angeles everyday. We had a few questions for him:

What’s is Your Perfect Burger?

It’s amazing. We start with Niman Ranch ground beef, then we cook it sous-vide, grill it, and pack it for optimal heating at home.

Why a burger?

I have a funny history with burgers. When I was at Viceroy, the managers asked me for a hamburger. I came from being a fine-dining chef and I thought a burger was beneath me. But I developed a super fancy Kobe beef burger for $25 and it sold like gangbusters.

I realized that not everyone craves foie gras. If you want to do something that touches a lot of people, you have to give them what they want, and there’s no shame in that. You just need to give them the best possible version of that dish and know you’re giving them something great.

Plus, burgers have always been a big thing in L.A., so it seemed natural to offer an amazing one on our menu.

Why a sous-vide burger?

We cook some of our other meats sous-vide, and the results are great. Since you vacuum seal the meat in a bag and then cook it at a fairly low temperature submerged in water, the meat cooks very gently, so it stays tender and holds onto all its juices. It seemed like it might work for creating a burger that would be as delicious as a freshly made one after being delivered.

Sure enough, I found that if you sous-vide a burger, chill it, and heat it, it tastes like it just came off the grill.

I’m so excited and proud about this burger. No one else does a burger that they deliver to your house and in 2 or 3 minutes in the microwave you can eat a fresh, hot, juicy burger.

So, you have to heat this up?

Like all of our meals, it’s cooked ahead of time, then chilled, and delivered cold to keep it fresh. And, like our other meals, it’s designed to be heated up at home. Cooking meals that can travel and taste great is definitely a culinary challenge, and that’s what led me to experiment and come up with using sous-vide to cook a burger.

What comes with it?

We were having a hard time deciding that. I looked at pages and pages and pages of burgers to figure out what would be perfect. Then I realized that the perfect burger is whatever kind that person likes. So we decided to include all kinds of toppings so people could build the burger they crave, using our great ingredients and this amazing sous-vide burger.

So it comes with a buttered and toasted Rockenwager brioche bun, California cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sliced red onion, caramelized onions, a slice of vine-ripened tomato, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, and our secret sauce.

How do you build Your Perfect Burger?

I heat it to medium rare, put it on the bun, and add cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and our secret sauce, which has a great tang to it. I could eat one everyday.

What’s in the secret sauce?

Obviously, I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret. What I can tell you, though, is that it’s really, really good on a burger.

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Munchery Cooks Belcampo

Belcampo blog Munchery Cooks Belcampo

We’re teaming up with Belcampo Meat Co. to bring you some of the best meat in California.

At Munchery, we have what tech parlance calls full-stack and what food folks might consider nose-to-tail, but we simply think of as an end-to-end approach that offers people a new way to eat: we buy top ingredients, our chefs cook tasty ready-to-heat dishes, and our friendly delivery folks bring them right to your door. By managing the entire process, we know we’re bringing people real, nourishing food on their schedule with no minimums, no commitment, and no fuss.

We’re delighted to partner with a similarly minded company: Belcampo ushers humanely raised meat all the way from their farm to their shops and restaurants. It’s a vertically integrated structure that results in certified organic, supremely delicious meat we’re proud to serve our customers. We’ll be featuring Belcampo dishes every month on our San Francisco Bay Area menu.

One thing we’re also excited about is being able to incorporate this amazing meat into our menu for a price—about $15 for each dish—that makes it more accessible than when the same meat is sold at retail. We make that happen by having a great partnership with Belcampo, depending on our talented chefs to work their magic creating amazing dishes, and then cooking in our super-efficient kitchens (we designed them specifically to help us bring great food to people at affordable prices).

Bonus: When you order one of these special dishes, we’ll send you a 20% discount to use at Belcampo shops in the Bay Area. Perfect for those evenings when you feel like cooking!

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Spring Showers Bring $20 Munchery Referrals In April

Referral 20 blog Spring Showers Bring $20 Munchery Referrals In April

Longer days, more daylight, flowers blooming. We love spring, but sometimes the ramp-up in activities is at odds with our desire to eat better.

That’s why we’re ramping up our referral program.

When you’re kind enough to recommend our fresh, chef-made meals to your friends and family in April, we’ll show our appreciation by sending them $20 to spend on their first meal with Munchery; once they order, we’ll give you $20 to use on your next order.

Have some people in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and New York who you think might like Munchery as much as you do? Click here to tell them about Munchery and send them $20 in the process.

Spring is a time of renewal, fresh starts, new habits. We all deserve a real dinner, made with care using fresh ingredients. We hope this double credit will help people create great dinnertime traditions even as the days get longer and busier.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

StPatricksDay blog Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you’re Irish, part Irish, of Irish descent, or simply happy to have a holiday to brighten mid-March, our chefs have added some special St. Patrick’s Day dishes to our menus in San Francisco and Seattle.

Obviously, we had to have some corned beef and cabbage. That’s a no-brainer—it may not be Irish (Didn’t know that? Heartbreaking, isn’t it? It’s an American combination based on a traditional Irish meal of lean bacon and cabbage.), but it’s an Irish-American classic worth tucking into at least once a year. In case you’ve only had buffet versions offering up in the back of bars, know that this cozy dinner can handle a more sophisticated presentation. Example: our version in San Francisco adds a modern twist by using the tiniest of cabbages: brussels sprouts.

Even cozier is Guinness Beef Stew. Chefs in both cities use their own combination of beef stock and Guinness beer to tenderize the beef and coax out all of its rich flavor. A side of braised red cabbage accompanies the San Francisco version, while Seattleites can tuck into a hunk of soda bread.

We’re also offering classic Shepherd’s Pie (okay, maybe the mashed potatoes on top have a bit of garlic in them).

Seattle customers can add a piece of Guinness Gingerbread or a Shamrock Cookie to their orders, while Bay Area diners can tack on bottles of hard apple cider or Guinness stout.

As an extra treat, Munchery fans in both cities have a chance to experience the luck of the Irish with their dinners: select orders delivered on March 17 will include special golden coins good for Munchery treats, credit, and discounts.

Click here to check out our special menu!

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Treat Yourself For Valentine’s Day

ValentinesDay2015 blog Treat Yourself For Valentines Day

This year, we’ll be open on Saturday, so you can skip the crowds and overpriced restaurants—and enjoy a romantic dinner in the comfort of your own home. As luxurious as having a personal chef on call, our special holiday menu is designed for a relaxed celebration. No crowds. No hassle. Just choose your favorite dishes—and enjoy the dinner your heart desires.

Everything on the menu is handcrafted using the finest ingredients and all the love and attention you’d put into your own cooking.

So, what do you say? This year, let us make home your new favorite restaurant.

Click here to check out our special Valentine’s Day menu.

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A New and Improved On-Demand

Mobile apps are constantly pushing new boundaries and changing the way people operate in their day-to-day lives. And, let’s face it; traditional food delivery is confusing and inefficient.

For busy people, we know having an inaccurate ETA for dinner can be frustrating. So, we put our heads together to bring you a completely new and transparent on-demand delivery experience!

Order on-demand on our iOS app and watch your items get prepared and delivered in real time. Through our app, you can track your driver’s route and seamlessly contact your driver or our customer care team.

OnDemand2 blog 02 A New and Improved On Demand

Our goal is simple: make good food easy, accessible, and reliable. We want you to know what goes into your food—from listing out every ingredient on our site to watching your on-demand delivery in real time—so we hope you enjoy these updates!

To order on-demand now, download our iOS app here.

And don’t worry Android, these new updates are on their way very soon! You can download the Android app here.

Happy ordering!

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