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Munchery for Restaurant Week


We love Restaurant Week: special menus, discounted prices, and that sense of winning the lottery when you score a reservation at a hot spot.

Yet we don’t always feel like heading out. In the cold. In the rain. Out of the cozy comforts of home. On those nights, we have a better option: Order from Munchery. You get daily changing menus, amazing prices, and even dishes from some of the hottest chefs in town, just like Restaurant Week. As if all that’s not enough, you don’t have to struggle to score a reservation, wait for your table to be ready, or even put on a clean shirt if you’re not in the mood.

We’re happy to bring you all the same perks that restaurant week offers, without the hassle of a restaurant. Our chefs cook our meals fresh daily using seasonal produce with flavor as their main priority. Our menu is huge and offers different items every day, so you’re guaranteed to find something that titillates your tastebuds. Best of all, once you’ve made your selection, we bring it right to your door, no matter what you’re wearing or how your hair looks.

Even during Restaurant Week, we got dinner covered.

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2016 = Fresh Start


We have a lot of different health and fitness goals buzzing around Munchery. Some people are looking to lose weight, others know they need to eat more fruits and veggies. Some have decided to try a vegetarian diet, while others are looking to power-up for triathlon training. We have two things in common: we need to know what we’re eating and we need to plan what we eat.

Whether you’re aiming for a bikini body or you’re happy just putting a bikini on your body and are looking to have less stress around dinnertime, we’ve got you covered.

Our chefs cook our meals everyday using fresh ingredients, ingredients you can see in the dish descriptions along with a panel of nutrition info. Our staff certified nutritionist works hard to make sure our daily menu offers choices for a whole range of nutritional and dietary goals.

Best of all, in terms of keeping any new year’s resolutions, with Munchery you can plan your meals out in advance. When you know a kale salad and grilled chicken is already on its way, you’re a lot less likely to just grab a pizza to quell those end-of-day hunger pangs!

Did you resolve to cook more? We’ve even got that covered. Try one of our chef-designed cooking kits. Ingredients are prepped and measured, so you can cook dinner for two in about 15 minutes.

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Keeping Fed Over the Holidays, part 2


We’ll be taking a break this weekend from December 31 through January 3. We hope you’ll be starting the new year as we will: enjoying some well-deserved time-off along with family and friends (some of us may even spend part of that time sipping champagne and toasting the new year!).

We all eat a lot of Munchery, too, so we’ll be feeling the absence. We’ve been brainstorming how to make the most of that New Year’s weekend bulwark: the bloody mary.

  1. Celery sticks; they may not add much nutrition, but they do give you something to munch.
  2. Dill pickle; again, they may not have very many calories, but they do need some chewing.
  3. Olives; these bring a nice burst of filling fat to the party (even more if they’re stuffed with blue cheese!).
  4. Pickled green beans; snappy!
  5. Broiled asparagus spear; brings a tad of elegance to the proceedings.
  6. Cherry tomatoes; put them on a long skewer or just plop them in to find later.
  7. Caprese skewers; add cubes of mozzarella to those tomato skewers.
  8. Hard-boiled egg; now we’re getting serious.
  9. Poached shrimp (or two); this is turning into an actual meal.
  10. Slice of bacon; it won’t stay crisp, but it will pack in a touch of protein.
  11. Pepperoni sticks; they weren’t crisp to start with, so getting soggy won’t matter.
  12. Beef jerky; okay, you get the idea.
  13. Oyster; plop it in, slurp it down at the end.

We’ll save you from too many random creations when we’re back delivering tasty meals on Monday, January 4. Help stick to those resolutions to eat better and tee-up your meals for next week by ordering now for delivery next week!

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Keeping Fed Over the Holidays, part 1

Gingerbread Man
As you may have heard, we’ll be closed over the Christmas weekend (Dec 24-27). In case you find yourself wondering what to eat without Munchery at hand, we’ve put together a few stop-gap measures for you:

  1. Raid the kids’ stockings for candy.
  2. Smash apart the gingerbread house—avoid any purely structural elements such as toothpicks. Finding it a tad stale? Dip in milk or coffee (or bourbon or brandy) to soften before eating. You can even go ahead and crumble it into a bowl and top with the liquid of your choice.
  3. Tuck into the Brazil nuts left from the nut mix because who eats Brazil nuts when cashews are available?
  4. Those nubs of cheese left on the cheese plate? Melt them on something.
  5. Re-consider that summer sausage Aunt Gladys sent. Perhaps it is edible.
  6. Candy cane sandwich. ‘Nuf said.
  7. How bad could that fruitcake really be? Maybe a mug of wassail, whatever that is, would help?
  8. Scrambled egg nog! It scrambles, right?
  9. Let it be known that tubs of flavored popcorn sent by semi-forgotten business associates can be used as sustenance, at least in the short-term.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back in the kitchens, on the road, and ringing your doorbell on Monday, December 28, bringing real food back into your life. And remember, you can always order now for delivery next week!

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Munchery Helps You Make the Most of Party Season

Happy Holidays

Our fresh meals, delivery to your door, can help you make the most of the busy holiday season. For those nights when you stop on the way home from work to grab a few gifts, having Munchery arrive at your door keeps one errand off your list.

But it’s not just for filling in on those night when you don’t have time to grocery shop and cook. Here are a few other ways people around the office use Munchery to keep themselves well-fed and sane when holiday chaos descends:

  • Headed out to an adults-only gathering? Order Munchery for the sitter and the kids, and know that they’re getting a great meal.
  • We’ve all been there: hours spent sipping cocktails, waiting for the food to come out at a party, only to learn that those tiny canapés were the food. Preemptively ordering a dinner from Munchery to dig into when you get home from the party can save the day. And in case there was plenty of food, that Munchery dinner becomes a Munchery lunch the next day.
  • Be part of the giving season—know that we donate a meal to someone in need with every order.
  • Throw the easiest dinner party ever: Order Munchery. Take the credit, if you want— we’re cool like that.
  • Getting on a plane? Stay clear of airport food and order Munchery to take with you, instead.
  • Keep Munchery dishes on hand to refuel between shopping trips, or….
  • Avoid the shopping trips altogether and give Munchery gift cards [link to gift card page] to people on your list in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle!

With all these options, there’s always a way to have Munchery do the hard part so you can ensure your holiday is merry and bright.

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Basque in our new menu options


We love working with chefs to bring you delicious, restaurant-inspired dinners. So we’re elated to announce that we’ve partnered with Chef Gerald Hirigoyen of San Francisco’s Piperade restaurant for the newest addition to our Ready-to-Cook meals.

In 2002, Chef Gerald Hirigoyen and his wife Cameron brought the authentic flavors of the Basque region (that mountainous area where France and Spain meet) to downtown San Francisco with the opening of Piperade. Its owners describe the restaurant as “West Coast Basque Cuisine,” bringing together those two cultures and incorporating them with fresh, local ingredients.

Their Parisian Gnocchi, a French-style gnocchi that’s made with an air-like pâte à choux dough instead of mashed potato, which is traditional in the Italian version, is nothing short of amazing.
We give you all the ingredients, after we’ve cut, measured, and mixed them up so they’re perfect, and also give you the basic directions so you can make the dish in the comfort of your own kitchen. One bite and you’ll be just as giddy about the Munchery and Piperade partnership as we are.

The gnocchi is the first of many creations from Chef Hirigoyen and we’re already looking forward to what else he comes up with so we can bring it to you.

For now, get started by trying this dish tonight. We suggest you add in a dessert and a bottle of wine to round out what’s sure to be an amazing night!

Learn more about our ready-to-cook meals here or jump to the menu and get cooking!

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