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Less Fees. More Coverage.

I’m excited to announce some upcoming changes to our meal pricing and coverage that will bring amazing value to our customers.

Our mission has always been to offer a third way for dinner besides going out and cooking in. We’re fanatical about democratizing delicious food by connecting customers and chefs together.

To further that cause and better serve you, we’re reducing fees and increasing convenience.

Bye Bye Marketplace Fee
Starting Monday, November 5th, the total cost of all your orders will be reduced by 15-25%.

How are we doing that? Back in July 2012, we rolled out a pricing structure change which comprised of a delivery fee as well as a marketplace service fee. However, we felt it did not deliver the best customer experience. Working with our chefs, we’ve completely rebuilt the economics of our meals and are removing the marketplace service fee altogether.

Once this change goes live, you can expect to see anywhere from $2-$10 off your total from now on since there will no longer be a marketplace fee.

In order to preserve our popular no-minimum order policy that everyone loves, we’re also restructuring the delivery fee to better reflect the increase of gas prices and the varying delivery distances.

Depending on your location in SF, the delivery charge will range from $2.95-$3.95. Other parts of the city will see a nominal delivery fee increase of $1. We don’t take any increase lightly, but there are certain realities such as gas, parking, density, and distance that make this a necessary change.

Even with a new delivery fee structure, customers will still see noticeable savings, since orders of any size will no longer include the service fee. We think it’s a big win for everyone.

Peninsula & Marin – Less Cost, More Convenience
We just rolled out new a logistics system for Peninsula and Marin that has enabled us to reduce delivery windows from 3 hours down to 2.

This also optimized our delivery costs, and we’re passing that savings back to our customers.

On 11/5, we’ll reduce the delivery fee by up to 30% across our Peninsula and Marin zones (savings will vary depending on your area).

Removing our marketplace fee and dramatically cutting our delivery fee means that all of you in the Peninsula and Marin are in for a big price reduction.

Munchery to the East Bay
Start spreading the word, Munchery is coming to the East Bay very soon! Stay tuned!

We’re just getting started
We’re growing rapidly and have more big announcements on the horizon. I’d like to thank all our customers and chefs. Your words of encouragement as well as honest feedback has had a tremendous effect on our small team. We’re trying to fundamentally disrupt something as basic as dinner, and we’re super-excited and deeply grateful for everyone’s support.

We’re cooking up even more exciting stuff that I can’t talk about yet, but stay tuned. Next week and the coming months are going to be big, and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on with you.

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