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New to the Munchery Menu: Artisan Granola

Hearty, tasty, crunchy and doggone good for you, it’s tough to beat granola. Whether it be for breakfast, a midday snack or a late-night flavor fix, we love this toasty blend of oats, natural sugars, spices and nuts. So, we are very pleased to have partnered with Penelope Finnie and her team at local standout, Bittersweet, to offer their delicious gluten-free granola to Munchery customers.

The ingredients for this granola are pure and simple, but come with an added twist. Known for their bean-to-bar chocolate, the artisans at Bittersweet could not help but add pure cacao nibs to their recipe which enhances the flavor and gives the granola a little kick. Cacao is a rich source of macronutrients, minerals and vitamins, too. Otherwise, the recipe is a delicate balance of  rolled oats, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, chopped almonds, honey, canola oil, sea salt, and vanilla.

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Penny. While she is a founder and one of the primary owners of Bittersweet, Penny was heavily involved in the tech world during the 90’s and early 2000’s, so we feel like she is “one of us.” A trained artist and experienced design director, creating Bittersweet was another sort of challenge for Penny who sought to create a place that became a part of the fabric of the community through chocolate and other artisan goods.  From its inception, Bittersweet has stressed the agricultural roots of chocolate rather than the “luxury” connotation of chocolate. Penny enjoys the “hand-madeness” and day-to-day creativity that Bittersweet offers. All products, including their delicious granola, are made from scratch in small quantities. At Bittersweet, they do it all, from making their own yogurt and granola, making their own small batched bean-to-bar chocolate, baking their own bread, roasting their own coffee, grinding their hot chocolate mixes, and baking all our pastries.
Please enjoy this new addition to the Munchery menu and let us know what you think. To get started, click here.


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