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More Munchery meals!

We subscribed with Sweet Melissa’s the past couple days. Chef Melissa Furano personally delivered the meals herself!

There’s just something exciting about looking forward to see what we would get. Here goes:

Pistachio crusted chicken roulade filled with caramelized onion and feta, with side of romesco sauce
Served with farro tossed in spinach pesto and garlicky haricot vert 

IMG 5450.JPG.scaled1000 More Munchery meals!
IMG 5451.JPG.scaled1000 More Munchery meals!

Shrimp tacos with mango salsa, cocunut cilantro rice, black beans and corn tortillas
(we got 2 of these)

IMG 5461.JPG.scaled1000 More Munchery meals!

IMG 5468.JPG.scaled1000 More Munchery meals!

The meals came in compostable containers. The portions were generous and we quickly devoured the meals.

You can wipe off that drool now! simple smile More Munchery meals!


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